2019-05-13Tiburon Corporation Limited - Undergoing Recertification Procedure
We are glad to announce that Tiburon Corporation Limited has successfully passed the
2019-04-11Gatelinas, UAB – Certified Ñompany
We are glad to announce that Gatelinas, UAB company has passed the certification
2019-04-03Sharkcatcher LTD. – Certified Ñompany
We are glad to announce that Sharkcatcher LTD. company has passed the certification
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Cryptocurrency market

Certification of cryptocurrencies and companies offering their services on the cryptocurrency market is an essential measure under the brisk growth of this direction in the global economy. Participants of the cryptocurrency exchange markets and users of different crypto-projects trust those companies that offer the certified services, because certification of the cryptocurrency market’s participants indicates reliability, stability and high quality of provided services.

The following categories of the cryptocurrency market’s players are subject to certification:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrency exchange markets
  • Cloud mining services
  • Projects, which offer crypto-trading software
  • Companies, which attract investments through ICO

Advantages of the certified companies:

  • Rise in the customers’ confidence level
  • Expansion in the number of new customers, who trust the certified companies
  • Increase in activity of the existing customers as a result of their desire to cooperate with the certified companies
  • High quality of provided services